Monday, September 14, 2020

EBook Review: THE SIREN WITCH by Robbie Cheadle (Nightmareland Book - Story 3)


(T) ales
(H) eard
(E) xplained

(S) ometimes
( I ) nquisition
(R) eaps
(E) xcitement
(N) ow

(W) antom
(A) ctivity
(T) aking
(C) hallenge
(H) eartily

THE SILENT WATCH, waits out time.
Neverending fruitful song, brings them near.

Age doesn't matter, boys of chatter.
They do come, and some stay.

Then one day, they do harm.
With last breath, curse do beget.

They didn't care, lost no sleep.
Her beautiful voice, had last word.